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The mental health treatment journey often begins with a family doctor or other primary care physician. These doctors can be free but they don’t have the training or time required to come to an informed assessment of your mental health. So they often rely on short, symptom-based, self-reporting questionnaires that effectively ask the patient to self-analyze. These types of tests are a contributing cause of mental health diagnosis being wrong over 60% of the time. The family doctor could refer you to a Psychiatrist who is highly trained mental health specialists but they often prioritize serious issues and their wait lists are very long. Unless you’re already suffering from a severe mental condition a Psychiatrist is probably not a viable option. These situations prompt many people to go to a Psychologist whose fees are not covered by healthcare plans. For a Psychologist to gather and assess the information needed for a well-informed diagnosis the cost can easily be in the thousands – before you even get to treatment. So, here are your mental health options:

  1. a free family doctor with no expertise, no time, and the use of short symptom-based questionnaires; all factors contributing to a high probability of misdiagnosis and misprescribed drugs; or
  2. a free Psychiatrist with specialty training in matters of the mind but with long wait lists; or
  3. a Psychologist that can charge thousands of dollars just to gather and assess information to come to a diagnosis in advance of treatment. Sometimes they’ll skip right past the informed diagnosis step and jump right into treatment before they know what’s causing the problem. This is akin to trying to put out a fire by throwing water on the flames. Regardless of the approach, with a Psychologist you’ll be paying significant amounts of money out of pocket as Psychologist services are generally not paid for by health care plans; or
  4. use YMI to gather extensive holistic “body/mind” biometric information and use artificial intelligence guided by multiple Psychotherapists and doctors to assess the likelihood of seven common mental conditions that you can share with your family doctor or Psychologist to help with a well-informed diagnosis – i.e. to get to better treatment, faster and at a significantly lower cost. A YMI report can help reduce the chance of family doctor misdiagnosis and misprescription, and significantly reduce the time and cost of a Psychologist’s pre-diagnosis time. YMI also provides links to the largest independent directory of Psychotherapists in North America and, unlike many tele-health referrals, does not charge a fee for the referral. YMI is deeper, faster, multiple-expert-guided, and inexpensive. And it’s anonymous – unlike doctors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, with YMI you choose who to share with. Clearly, YMI is the better choice.

Your mental “state” is a complex symphony of constant mind/body interactions. Physical changes can cause mental changes and vice-versa. While genetics play a foundational role, aspects of your daily life since birth, such as family environment, diet, physical aspects and sensory inputs, all combine into your “self” at any given point in time. Some inputs have greater effect, some lesser; but make no mistake, everything counts and a deep assessment requires many measurable factors. YMI is the only online mental health assessment that combines genetics, physical aspects, family histories, childhood & adolescent environments, life experiences and lifestyles to inform artificial intelligence in predicting the likelihood of multiple common mental conditions. YMI is highly-advanced.

Even 20 questions that each has only 4 potential answers generates billions of combinations, all of which should be considered when doing a thorough assessment. YMI has over 250 questions and 900 potential answers and this means trillions of potential combinations. The human mind is simply not capable of doing this, but machines accomplish this will no interruption, speed, accuracy and consistency. But the machine advantages don’t mean anything if the AI doesn’t know what kind of data it’s looking at. YMI uses the guidance of numerous psychotherapists, doctors and other experts to reduce clinician bias and provide context and guidance to YMI’s AI. YMI is like a human-machine hybrid combining the best aspects of each to generate deeper insights possible by humans alone.

YMI uses genetic expressions, childhood environment, traumas, phobias, physical attributes and afflictions, life experiences and lifestyle choices to create your unique biometric signature that is the basis for the deep diagnosis. But it doesn’t stop there; after your signature is defined, expert-guided artificial intelligence correlates your signature with a unique Reference Database to generate your likelihood of seven common mental conditions, not only for today, but forward into your future (FYI, your data is NOT added to the Reference Database). It shows you these predictions on a series of graphic charts. YMI’s most powerful feature may be that it allows you to go back to the questionnaire and change your lifestyle answers to see the predicted effect of the changes on your mental health going forward in time. No other online mental health assessment system can do this.

The traditional mental healthcare process often begins with a family doctor. While the costs of family doctor visits may be covered by healthcare plans, the family doctor is typically not a mental health expert and often has only a few minutes to come to a diagnosis. Often, short self-reporting questionnaires are used that foster misdiagnosis and subsequent misprescription of potent psychotropic drugs that may worsen a condition or even cause new conditions. This is believed to be a strong contributor to misdiagnosis rates of higher than 60% for common mental conditions. So family doctors may not be a good choice for mental diagnosis and treatment. Yes there is no cash cost to you but the invisible cost can be substantial. Psychiatrist visits may also be covered by a health plan but there are very few Psychiatrists and just getting in to see one can take up to a year so that’s not usually an option for those with immediate need. This leaves the Psychologist, who is formally trained in matters of the mind but whose fees are generally not covered by health plans. Psychologists spend a lot of time gathering and processing information before coming to a diagnosis in advance of treatment – and this pre-diagnosis preparation can easily cost thousands of dollars. YMI can significantly reduce the amount of time associated with data gathering and can also provide a much deeper, holistic analysis than any human can. Although YMI does have an upfront fee, it is a fraction of what an equivalent pre-diagnosis analysis would be from a Psychologist and the net result may be that the cost of YMI is less than the cost of the pre-diagnosis work it replaces. See the Comparison at this link.

Most online tele-health services are simply “referral funnels” that use short questionnaires to direct potential customers to psychotherapists in return for a referral fee. Those “services” have to recruit psychotherapists individually and this means that they don’t offer a lot of options, and many of their therapists may not be licensed in your jurisdiction. YMI charges a small fee for its high-value assessment so it does not need to charge a fee for referring. This means YMI can refer from North America’s largest independent  psychotherapist directory without having to individually register those therapists. YMI offers a very large selection of Psychotherapists who are registered in your jurisdiction.

YMI uses highly-informed, holistic, multiple-expert-guided-AI mental health algorithms to predict mental condition probabilities to inform diagnostic evaluation. Only a qualified medical professional is permitted to provide a formal diagnosis. Should you see a Doctor or Psychotherapist we encourage you to take your YMI Report with you.

Digital health monitors can only tell you about your current situation, and while genealogical DNA tests can detect genetic predispositions toward certain health conditions, they don’t take lived experiences into account. What’s happened in your past informs your future, and without those details these types of tests are extremely limited in their accuracy. YMI considers genetic implications alongside your lived experience to generate deeply informed predictions.

The traditional mental condition diagnostic process involves a lot of data gathering and analysis before a formal diagnosis is generated. This takes time and the related costs can easily be in the thousands – costs that you may have to pay for. YMI performs much of the data-gathering and analysis work at a fraction of the cost of other methods. And it’s deeper, faster and less biased. With these advantages, we believe that YMI is worth it.

After completing the initial assessment, you can always ask YMI “what if?” by changing your answers and comparing the results to your initial Report. For example, if you wanted to see what would happen after a major injury 10 years from now, you can go back into the assessment and change your age group and relevant answers. This is a powerful YMI feature that no other system has.

We gather your personal information with a firm understanding of its sensitivity and full respect for your privacy. Please view our privacy policy for details.
YMI offers a full money-back guarantee for the assessment cost only. If you complete the YMI assessment within 21 days of the payment date and believe your Report does not provide value, simply provide a reason and you can initiate a refund by sending your MemberID with a refund request to info@ndatalyze.com.
To generate an in-depth analysis of your mental health, our extensive survey will gather your biometric data. This includes your genetic profile, illnesses and injuries, allergies, childhood experiences, social profile, and traumas. Some questions may be triggering and we recommend proceeding according to your own pace and comfort level.

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Yes, but keep in mind that whoever has your Member ID will be able to see your survey answers and mental health report. Plus, if they change any answers or retake the survey, one of your credits will be used.