Special Therapist Offer

Special Therapist Offer

August 8, 2022 2023-06-18 20:57

YMI is a CDSS offering numerous advantages including objective whole life correlations, current and future mental condition probabilities, and outcome monitoring. With the goal of assisting medical doctors and mental health clinicians, YMI is a hybrid CDSS combining attributes of both knowledge-based and non-knowledge-based approaches, with a proprietary Reference Database. YMI aids in decision-making but does not make a diagnosis; the clinical expert’s input is crucial to the decision-making process.The system predicts current and future probabilities of multiple common mental health Conditions (Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, BiPolar, Alcoholism and Personality disorder). Objective by design, YMI is built to address the extremely high mental health misdiagnosis/overdiagnosis rates that plague the mental health system.

If your practice is already using an Electronic Medical Record (“EMR”) or Electronic Health Record (EHR”) management software package, YMI can enhance many of these systems.

$100 setup per Clinician and $8.00 per patient per year


For further information contact:


(403) 689-3901

Features & Benefits:

  • considers genetic expressions, childhood experiences, parenting style, life experiences and lifestyle choices to indicate cause;
  • multiple expert-guided machine-learning algorithms mitigate clinician bias
  • graphic charts showing present and future probabilities;
  • decision support for multiple common mental conditions;
  • pay only for completed assessments, no hidden fees;
  • private, anonymous and secure;
  • not reliant on DSM-5, see https://www.pchtreatment.com/dsm-5-issues/