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You have the answers.
We have the questions.

Your health is the most important asset you'll ever have.

Using expert mental health guidance, data science and machine-learning, YMI takes a comprehensive look at your past and present to help you better understand yourself and your future.

Invest in yourself.

While we can’t change our genetics, as we go through life we can change our behaviours to change our future condition; but for most of us this is a largely trial-and-error endeavour that involves false starts and mistakes. We can’t know the result of the change until after we make the change and this requires acceptance of the risks associated with the potential results of the change. It follows that before making a change, particularly when related to our health, we want to consider the potential outcomes.
The problem is that gathering the truly relevant information takes time, and to consider the potential outcomes requires training and analysis. We can rely on those experienced in such matters but this requires our acceptance of their limited knowledge of our “selves”, their time constraints and their professional bias. While this is the usual way, we believe it’s good practice to get a second opinion, particularly in matters of health. YMI provides a fact-based, deep analysis second opinion.

We use guidance of multiple expert practitioners in supervised machine-learning

Our Reference Database contains factual, unbiased genetic expressions, developmental facts, including associated brain wave data for more than 1200 persons over four age groups. For consistency and validity, each EEG was gathered in the same circumstance. We use guidance of multiple expert practitioners in supervised machine-learning to predict the development of multiple mental Conditions at the present time and forward in time. The breadth and depth of our Reference Database is our core asset.