Special Therapist Offer

Special Therapist Offer

August 8, 2022 2024-04-17 14:59
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YMI is an advanced analytical system offering numerous advantages over traditional subjective, self-report analysis. Using extensive, objective biometric data with algorithms calibrated by EEG and DNA expressions, YMI is designed to support higher-accuracy personalized mental condition analysis and treatment within the mental health system that is plagued by extremely high mental health misdiagnosis and overdiagnosis rates.*


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Features & Benefits:

Utilizes extensive, objective biometric data calibrated by a proprietary Reference Database containing psychiatric diagnoses, EEG (brain wave) data, and DNA expressions;

  • multiple expert-guided machine-learning algorithms mitigate clinician bias and lack of time;
  • generates present and future probabilities using billions of combinations;
  • private, anonymous and secure;
  • deeply-informed personalized analysis – NOT “one size fits all”;
  • cost-effective.