Self-help tips for mitigating mid-range Anxiety disorder

March 24, 2023 2023-03-27 13:43

Self-help tips for mitigating mid-range Anxiety disorder

Anxiety is a common experience that affects many individuals at some point in their lives. While some level of anxiety can be normal and even helpful in certain situations, excessive and persistent anxiety can be problematic and impact daily functioning. Mid-range anxiety disorder refers to a type of anxiety that falls between mild and severe levels. Fortunately, there are many self-help tips and strategies that individuals can use to manage mid-range anxiety disorder. These tips include:

Identify triggers: Identify what situations or thoughts tend to trigger your anxiety. This can help you anticipate and prepare for these situations and develop coping strategies.

Exercise: Exercise reduces stress that may underly anxiety. Develop an exercise routine to be physically active most days of the week. Start slow and build up over time. Consistency is key. This can improve your mood and improve mental health.

Pay attention to your diet: Avoid “fast” and sugar-heavy foods. Check the sugar content on the labels. Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish.

Get good sleep: Sleeping problems are very common and the brain needs sleep to process the day’s new information. Seven or more hours of sleep and consistent sleep/wakeup times are best. See sleep aids at

Relax: Engage in relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, or yoga to help calm your mind and body.

Avoid or reduce caffeine, smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs: While it can seem that these help you relax and feel better, these substances can make anxiety worse.

Socialize: We are social animals and interaction with others, including loved ones, is important can help you feel better.

Use Neurofeedback: such as the MUSE device at

Self-help tips do not supercede professional advice.